Sales Terms

Sales Terms

Information for Prospective Buyers (not as scary as it sounds!)

When you inquire about livestock from us, please provide as much information as you can about your property and situation, eg. what provision for shelter do you have, type of fencing, other animals and their breeds, what you feed or plan to feed, whether you give minerals etc. It’s okay if you’re new and don’t have all the answers (we still don’t have all the answers either!). Before or after your purchase, we’re happy to answer questions and help with your transition into being a crazy livestock owner.

Our animals are much loved, and our aim is to sell to homes that will provide this or more. This is why we can’t sell a goat or donkey to a home without companion, unless the buyer will be buying more than one. They are herd animals and they do not do well alone.

Goats are guaranteed healthy when they leave us. Once the animal leaves our property, there is no guarantee extended. Goats can become stressed and sick within hours. We do our best to prepare the goat for leaving, but it is up to the buyer to ensure that no unnecessary stress occurs. We will not let a goat leave us if we feel it is not perfectly healthy in any way, and may decide to extend the stay of the goat until we’re convinced it is not unwell. We are happy to provide a veterinary health certificate at the buyer’s expense.

Deposits and Reservations

We are accepting reservations for our livestock. If you ask for a reservation, you will be notified of your options after we decide on any retained kids. We reserve the right to retain any kid bred by our farm, at our discretion. (We will most likely not retain kids this Spring while our farm is under renovation.)
Our breeding schedule is subject to change until we are sure the doe has settled.
We don’t breed for eye or coat color, and don’t recommend making reservations based on them, because you are likely to be disappointed.

Prices may go up or down at our discretion, as we are in a time of flux regarding increasing feed and hay prices.
If you choose a kid once born or adult for sale, a deposit will need to be paid to hold that animal and the balance paid on or before pickup. Deposits are non-refundable unless the animal is no longer available and your deposit will be promptly returned. If you are unable to make it to the allotted pickup day, please let us know as we are very flexible. Communication is the key.

Transportation and Pickup

Transportation is the responsibility of the purchaser. However, delivery is available as well as out of state and long distance buyers for a gas/mile fee. 50% down payment on orders prior to pick up or delivery. Please discuss this with us first, as things can tend to get busy here!
You are welcome to pick up your animals from us, but we are only doing driveway pickups and no farm tours due to our bios

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